Session 1 – Branding

Session One we looked at branding, the different kinds of persona and what they are looking for, the brand value for example cost, reputation, demographics and why they chose us.  I set up 3 Byer Personas based on the clients we have in Water Babies and how they vary, this could be a mum on her own wanting to give her child the best start in swimming or a Grandparent who just wants to spend some quality time with her grandchild.

I really enjoyed the section on brand logos and the way we don’t realise what an impact they have on us visually, that we remember what they are and how we go towards one brand over another, for example, Coca Cola v Pepsi.

We also looked at elevator pitches and how we could sell our business in 30 seconds by describing the most important information to our clients.  This I found very useful as it made me really look at what we do and what we need to focus on as a company.

We also watched a video from the BBC conference where Ben Cooper from BBC Radio 1 and 1 Extra talked about #Socialmediawhatstrending, he spoke about the bed to bed process and the various platforms that we use, wake up check phone, turn on TV, drive to station listen to radio, on train using phone etc etc… he also talked about the “Head Down” generation. He talked about how what we watch should be genuinely shareable and of excellent quality. Here is the link below:

Radio 1 Ben Cooper