Session 8 –



Session 7 – Website Design

I loved this session! Although it scared me as its something I have never done before this is one of the biggest reasons for me attending this course, to hopefully do this as a business one day!

Website design is set up by using mainly WordPress, we were shown the process of buying our own domain using 1&1 and how cheap and effective this can be.  Dave also showed us all about dedicated hosting and the different types of domains. We also looked at ensuring our site was mobile optimised (the hamburger icon is visible) and how to add plugins and the variety of plugins available.

During the afternoon session, we logged onto WordPress and started to design our own web page based on the company we currently work for.  We were shown the templates available and the main information we should be adding to any web page:

  • About
  • Contact
  • Blog
  • Content

I have since this session bought my domain and started to design my own web page using WordPress…watch this space and I will upload the finished product!

Screen Shot 2017-05-28 at 20.24.16.png

Session 6 – Content Management Systems & Web Accessability

Wow! What a session, there is so much I thought I knew but didn’t! Firstly we looked at good and bad websites, there were some really great sites but also some really bad ones, this made you realise how having a bad web page can seriously affect your business and its rankings on Google.

We looked at Web Accessibility which I found really interesting such as how a website should always be accessible to everyone, so if someone is Dyslexic then you web page should not have certain colours together or moving text or maybe use the Dyslexie font.  Dave also showed us how to look at a web page using Alt Tags and see if there were explanations and descriptions on what is on your site, maybe explaining.  We also looked at the Equality Act 2010 and to ensure that our website was lawful and ethical.  I did log on through our admin site and realised that my company web page isn’t accessible so I have mentioned this to our Head Office and they are looking into it.

During the session we were also looking at User Experience Design:

  • Links
  • Key Words
  • Content (300 words + ideally 2000 words)
  • UX – User experience

Loved this session and really looking forward to building our own site next week!



Session 4 – Social Media Policy

This session was really good but so much to take in I think I did struggle a little bit today! We looked at how important it is in every business to have a Social Media policy, what can happen if you don’t have one and the implications on your business.

We were shown a website called The Policy Tool where you can add your company details, what kind of policy you are trying to produce and then click go…there it is…your new policy and it’s all free!

After this session I went back to work and spoke to all 4 of the franchise owners for the areas I work in and none of them had a local policy for Social Media and then the really scary but was our Head Office hadn’t produced on, they just had a very short paragraph in the Owners Manual.  So I am pleased to say that now in all of my areas we have a Social Media policy which has been signed by all employee’s who have access to our Social Media platforms.

Session 3 – Blogging

This session was all about Blogging…something I have never done…eeek!

We had a great session learning about Amplification (being heard and getting out there) and Engagement (any interaction you can encourage on your sites) as detailed below:

Pro’s of Amplification 

  • Wider reach
  • Endorsement
  • Credibility
  • Brand value increase
  • Increase in customer base ]Increased site traffic
  • Hits, conversions, sales, and engagement

Cons of Amplification

  • Negative feedback – everyone sees’s it
  • Ill-advised or untrained staff working on your Social Media platforms
  • Can you cope with demand

But I have to say the most exciting bit of this session was learning about Canva…it’s amazing!! I have been using it ever since to design posts for Social Media and also leaflets and certificates, I have attached a couple below to give you an idea.

Screen Shot 2017-05-28 at 19.13.28.pngScreen Shot 2017-05-28 at 19.15.24Screen Shot 2017-05-28 at 19.15.05.png



Session 2 – Social Media Platforms

During session 2 we discussed demographics and looked at the Byer Personas we had completed the week before.  We also looked at all the Social Media platforms and the variety that’s out there.  There are so many different platforms which I have never heard of and we also discussed the comparison between traditional and digital marketing and how they can work well for one company and not another.

We looked at promotional marketing such as You Tube, Vine, Instagram and sharing platforms like Blogger and Yelp, these I have never worked on and found it really informative. We looked at byer personas and how different ones would use different social media platforms.