Session 6 – Content Management Systems & Web Accessability

Wow! What a session, there is so much I thought I knew but didn’t! Firstly we looked at good and bad websites, there were some really great sites but also some really bad ones, this made you realise how having a bad web page can seriously affect your business and its rankings on Google.

We looked at Web Accessibility which I found really interesting such as how a website should always be accessible to everyone, so if someone is Dyslexic then you web page should not have certain colours together or moving text or maybe use the Dyslexie font.  Dave also showed us how to look at a web page using Alt Tags and see if there were explanations and descriptions on what is on your site, maybe explaining.  We also looked at the Equality Act 2010 and to ensure that our website was lawful and ethical.  I did log on through our admin site and realised that my company web page isn’t accessible so I have mentioned this to our Head Office and they are looking into it.

During the session we were also looking at User Experience Design:

  • Links
  • Key Words
  • Content (300 words + ideally 2000 words)
  • UX – User experience

Loved this session and really looking forward to building our own site next week!




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