Session 4 – Social Media Policy

This session was really good but so much to take in I think I did struggle a little bit today! We looked at how important it is in every business to have a Social Media policy, what can happen if you don’t have one and the implications on your business.

We were shown a website called The Policy Tool where you can add your company details, what kind of policy you are trying to produce and then click go…there it is…your new policy and it’s all free!

After this session I went back to work and spoke to all 4 of the franchise owners for the areas I work in and none of them had a local policy for Social Media and then the really scary but was our Head Office hadn’t produced on, they just had a very short paragraph in the Owners Manual.  So I am pleased to say that now in all of my areas we have a Social Media policy which has been signed by all employee’s who have access to our Social Media platforms.


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